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General Information About Ceramic PCB

 if you want to use PCB in high pressure, high frequency, high temperature, then Ceramic PCB will be your best choice.

Why Ceramic PCB has such excellent performance? You can have a brief view on its basic structure and then you will understand.

  • 96% or 98% alumina or oxide beryllium ceramics
  • Conductors material: Alloys such as silver, palladium, platinum, and copper is latest one


Thick Ceramic Printed Circuit Boards

According to our Ceramic circuit board manufacturing artwork, we named this kind of Ceramic PCB as "Thick Ceramic PCB", because the thickness of electric resistance and conductor film exceeds 10 micron. Of course, recently there's also thickness of film less than 10 micron.


Application of Ceramic PCB

  • semiconductor ceramics circuit boards
  • electric power control module, high pressure ceramics circuit board.
  • electric power transmitter modules