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All factories can product Rigid boards and many can product flexible boards but just some can product RIGID –Flex Boards , so if you have any projects on the hand with RIGID FLEX request just send pcb file to us

Foldes rigid flex

Rigid Flex circuits are FPC that are made of Rigid circuits and Flex circuits. The Rigid PCs are connected through single or multiple flex inner circuits layers.

Normally, the rigid parts which is made of FR4, is from one layer to multi layers. The vital parts is the flex circuits which connect the Rigid PCs, and it is one layer or multi layers. Right now, we can make the rigid-flex circuits over 10 layers.

Rigid-flex PCB is differentiated from multi-layer circuits  by having conductor on the rigid layers.

BEST CO., LTD. provide various sizes of Rigid-Flex Circuit boards, of different layers. All Rigid-Flex Circuits are tested . We can provide fast prototype, on time delivery, great quality for you. We can also do SMT/SMD as per client request. Please contact us today for more information about rigid flex circuits.

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