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As we are a biggest pcb trader in Iran for 10 year so we know many factories in China. Taiwan,Japan.Canada and Usa that provide material if you need materail we will purchase you also if you have pcb file that need special material except of FR4 family we can help you for production

We had many orders with Taconic and Rogers just it need that you send material name code to us

RF Board General Info

RF board stands for Radio Frequency Printed Circuit Boards. The frequency for RF board is normally between 300MHz ~ 3GHz, or much bigger, so normally FR4 board cannot meet the requirements, so we need to use special material to achieve the high frequency and we named this kind of boards as RF boards. RF board is excellent in high frequency performance due to its low dielectric tolerance and loss of material.

RF board is ideal for applications with higher operating frequency requirements. Right now, we normally use following material:

  • Rogers. (Copper from 1/4 OZ to 2 OZ). Click here for PDF file for "Rogers-High-Frequency-Circuit-Materials" such as RO4233, RO4350, RO4003, and so on.
  • PTFE (Dupon Telfon)

The fabricate process is similar like FR4, but the copper plating is more complex than FR4, because material characteristics and other process is complex than FR4, so need unique handling method and experienced workers.


RF Board Capability

  • Base material: Rogers/Telfon
  • Board Thickness: 0.5mm~3.0mm(0.02"~0.12")
  • Copper thickness: 0.5 OZ, 1.0 OZ, 2.0 OZ, 3.0 OZ
  • Soldermask: White/Black/Blue/Green/Red
  • Silkscreen Color: Black/White
  • Max Panel size: 600*500mm(23.62"*19.68")
  • Packing: Plastic bag

Special Materals 

Please contact us for more information about RF Board (Radio Frequency PCB).

High Tg PCB General Info

 Here are some popular High Tg board raw material in market:

S1170 & S1000-2: SYL (Shengyi Technology);
FR406, FR408, IS410 & DS370HR: Isola
HR-01 & HR-02: Mica-AVA;
MCL-E-679: Hitachi;
N4000-6 & N4000-11: Nelco