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High-speed PCB Design Services
Customers can monitor project timelines, the design itself, and collaborate
in documentmanagement.ETAG will organize and manage a high performance
team to shorten the R&D cycle and reduce the cost of the project.


Typical Projects


GSM/GPRS CDMA WCDMA Wireless base station equipment

Multimedia Products

Set-top boxes, VOIP, video conferencing, video capture devices

PC and Related

MB, NB, SERVER as well as various types of industrial motherboards and other board

Consumer Products

High-definition television, MP4, digital cameras, camcorders

Security products

Video surveillance, walkie-talkie, etc.

Types of military medical and aerospace

Black box, radar, remote sensing, telemetry, etc.


PCB Layout Design
Available PCB designs can include data communications, consumer
electronics products such as high-speed high density (HDI) design,
blind/buried vias, etc. We offer DFX advanced design concepts
to ensure the reliability of production processes, and the latter part
of the hardware debugger.


Signal integrity (SI) design
SI design revises the customer's schematic, evaluates any SBC
(Backplane Signal Quality) issues such as reflection, overshoot,
ringing, and crosstalk, and optimizes reasonable proposals or
programs, topology selection to determine the device model, and
concurrently produce signal integrity simulation analysis.


Power integrity (PI) Design
PI design according to the customer's PCB plane model,
evaluates the quality of a single power supply system,
removes filter caps, removes capacitor energy storage location
and capacity to optimize the value of parameters.


EMC Design and rectification
With the level test in accordance with customer requirements,
we can provide the new EMC profile, and design for the
old single rectification measures to meet exiting testing


High speed test service
We can research and develop passive channel with data rate up to 28Gbps,capabilites include S parameters,impedance,crosstalk,eye diagrams,jitter,noise,BER etc.
The overall path that consists of Transmitter,Channel,Receiver also can be simulated,such as multi tap FIR for emphasis and equalization.The characteristic of PCB such as parameters of stackup,fiber weave effect,copper roughness,printing ink effect on the trace can be provided to our custom.In the near future,we can provide the full Spice Model or S parameter of PCB.

Automatic (specctra) router training
We offer examples with which one can learn the operation
of EDS software and learn the layout of the wiring
operation, solve conventional PCB Design.


A Manufacturing Mentality

For more than 15 years, ETAG has continued its tradition of perfection in engineering and manufacturing printed circuit boards for the most discerning customers. Our years of manufacturing experience provide us with a competitive edge when it comes to PCB layout and design. From a simple single sided board to a complex multi-layer, double sided surface mount design, our goal is to provide you a design that meets your requirements and is the most cost effective to manufacture.

Reverse Engineering and Scanning

With the consolidation of the printed circuit board industry over the last few years, many of our customers find themselves needing to order boards but they have no electronic data. Their previous supplier may have gone out of business and the only copies of the artwork or electronic data have been discarded.

At ETAG, we can create electronic data from virtually anything, including, films, drawings (DXF), 1 to 1 paper plots, and even boards themselves.

We have over 10 years of experience in creating electronic data from all types of media using our state of the art scanning equipment and software. We have developed a systematic process to make sure that all of the board features are double checked . We understand how important it is to get even the smallest details right when it comes to our customers circuit boards.

Please contact your sales representative for more specific details around our design and manufacturing guidelines.

PCB Design

  • Single and Double-Sided
  • Multi-Layer (up to 20-Layers)
  • Flex and Rigid–Flex
  • High Density Surface Mount (BGA, CGA…)
  • Analog, Digital and Designs
  • Impedance Control
  • Auto routing for dense multi-layer designs

PCB Software

  • PADS
  • AutoCAD
  • Accel
  • PCAD

PCB Layout

  • Complete assembly drawings for fabrication
  • In-Circuit Test Data Generation
  • Gerber Editing
  • Scanning

PCB Service

  • Gerber completion in as few as 5 days


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